Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lincoln's Progress

Lincoln is now 26 months old. He has been a student at Early Foundations since April.  In May, he started his first "pointing program" (falls under ABA Therapy)....he has been dragging his feet and on the same one program since then up until 3 weeks ago. To advance to a new program, you have to score 90% or above 2 days in a row.  well Lincoln did just that, moved to program 2 for only 2 DAYS and then on to the 3rd program for only 2 DAYS!  So now he gets to move to PECS  (picture exchange communication system) and we have been told there is an 80% success rate of getting kids to talk with Autsim with PECS.  Because he is so visual , they think the pics will help him start beginning functional communication (not counting and repeating phrases)......calling me mama (so looking forward to this) asking for things and so many others. We are so impressed with his rapid progress recently and know that our prayers are being answered and Lincoln is going to do great in the next coming months. I will be having him start Speech Therapy in the next couple weeks again since he now has more words than he did before.

Praise God for all of his progress and looking forward to more in the near future.
Just wanted to post a quick update  :)