Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 3 Update

How have my last two days gone? Well, the first day was OK, the second day  (yesterday) I did terrible.  I was in the car most of the day and was rushed.  So, I had a chicken sandwich for lunch and after church I had an Iced Mocha and a cake pop from Starbucks.....FAIL!

So, I am planning ahead today an logging everything  into "MY Fitness Pal" in advance.  So far I only have 908 calories.  So, I will have to find some other stuff to out in there.  I will probably eat some peanut butter for protein later or try some edamame in there somewhere. I do great ALL day until around 3pm.  Then I get the munchies and I want to eat everything. So, I try to eat light for breakfast and lunch so I am able to snack (healthily) for the rest of the afternoon. I also try to get my carbs out of the way at breakfast. The carb total for this right below is 39 - 15 grams of fiber = 24 net carbs! Not bad! However, I will probably end up closer to 35 after peanut butter and more veggies.

I plan on tackling Jillian Michael's "30 Day Shred" today and hopefully going for a run this evening. I am already 13 oz in for water and plan on drinking 70+ ounces today.
Have a great day and wish me luck in staying on track!