Wednesday, December 10, 2014

At the Movies and Other Updates

I am terrible about blogging here lately. I feel like I never know what to write about. Pretty much the only things I  write about are how sweet my family is and how much progress Linky is making. I convince myself people are tired of hearing about it an decide not to write all. Then I think about how far we have come, how good God is and how DESPERATE I was to hear of God's goodness and healing early on when I found out Linky had autism. That is enough for me to keep writing. People need hope, faith and someone pointing them toward Jesus. I hope I encourage people to never give up and always believe that God heals and sets free and he is GOOD. So, on that note here are some awesome recent updates on how Linky is doing. These are things I have shared on my Facebook page, so I just copied and pasted them here. I will "try" to throw down a legitimate blog here in the next few days!

Recent posts:
Today Maddi and Linky were playing in their room. Not realizing the TV was paused and not really expecting an answer,
I casually said, " Linky, what is wrong with the TV?"
He immediately said, "Nothing is wrong with the TV Mom, I just pressed the 'stop TV button!'"
I am pretty sure I about fell over. If you don't know much about autism, you probably think most of my posts are odd, because the things Linky is doing seem normal, what's the big deal right? I can tell you, tha...t the hardest thing for Lincoln recently, has been answering questions. I am sure it has something to do with communication and the way he processes information. But, it has been difficult at times for him.
I can pick apart that 1 statement he made and tell you so many amazing things that he just did that are flat out AMAZING Simple things that are normal to the everyday person in their communication, that have not been normal to Linky. This ROCKS!
My little boy is walking out his healing every single day and everyday he gets better and better. We don't claim regression here, we just expect Linky to move forward as he always have. I am amazed how far he has come and it is truly the most miraculous thing I have ever witnessed. I'll never quit giving praise for this! Thank you Jesus.
Just poked my head in Linky's room and said, "You ok buddy?" He said, "Yeah I fine Mom, now go get me some food!" Ha! Who does he think he is?!

At the movies with my 2 favorite little guys. Linky's first movie! Seriously we've come so far! So proud of him! He just got very excited and said, "I love going to the movies!" Lucas gave him the movie pep talk about listening and sitting on the way over in the car. Super big brother he is!

My little bed-headed fella up writing his name like it's no big deal. Followed by, "Mom, is it Sunday?"

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