About Me

I am first and foremost a child of God, wife to one amazing man and mom to 3 amazing kiddos!  I have always enjoyed writing and the blogging stuff looks fun.  However, I am a bit more serious when it comes to my blogging.  I appreciate the Moms out there who can write about the simple pleasures of this life; kid's clothing, meals, etc.  I feel I have something to share and I am passionate about what I write about. 

You see, 3 1/2 years ago, we accepted a diagnosis of Autism for my not even 2 year old son (at that time).  I was unaware of the authority I had as a child of God.  I didn't know enough about healing and God's goodness at the time to fight that battle. I always said I didn't accept Autism but in reality I did.  So, I delved into therapy and diets and did as every other person who had a child with Autism would do. I forgot that I was a child of the Most High and the power that I had within me.  Looking back, I am saddened by this because of the time that was lost.  Don't be fooled, sickness or any imparity doesn't come from God.  All that comes from Satan.  Don't believe me?  Read the Gospels and see that Jesus healed ALL who were oppressed.  Then read the Great Commission on what we are called to do. I began acting on this and believing it! I have taken extreme measures to retrain my mind and study the Word of God and it has been nothing short of glorious.  I went from having what was considered a "nonverbal" little boy that could only count and say ABC's, couldn't even say, "mama or dada," couldn't convey needs or wants to a little boy that can do SO much today.  He talks to us, tells us his wants and needs and has advanced tremendously.  Did I tell you I took him out of therapy and this is when he has blossomed.  God's hand is upon us and I call Lincoln healed...it's already been done! This is what I am passionate about!  There is a world out there who needs Jesus and a community that needs healing!  I don't preach Autism Acceptance or tolerance for my little boy.  I don't accept it.  I will only accept the healing that God has promised us through Jesus Christ! I want to share this with others and bring them hope for their situations.  I want my situation to point others toward Him.  So, please join me as I tell you our story and I proclaim the Goodness of God and join us as Lincoln's full manifestation of healing comes forth! I know the day is coming when I will return to the Dr. who diagnosed Lincoln and he will confirm that Lincoln no longer qualifies for an ASD diagnosis. Praise God!


  1. Praise God for you. I thought I was alone until I read this.

    1. Hi Alice. I hadn't checked comments in a long time! So sorry! You are never alone! ;) would love to connect with you!