Monday, May 6, 2013

More Healing Stories

I am continually just stirred by "Good Works"  going on around me.  I am constantly hearing healing stories of people and their children and it helps strengthen my faith and what I believe. Last night our church started a conference called, "It's a Miracle." Jason Lee Jones was there doing worship (spontaneous, prophetic worship).  He started singing about his story.  He told of how one of his children was born blind....NOW THEY SEE.  Then his daughter was born not breathing (I think) and the Doctors said she would have to have some major heart surgery to fix some major defects. They stood believing that no man would ever have to lay hands on her and that she would literally heal from the inside out. They even named her accordingly with some name that mean "Butterfly" in a different language.  In English, it meant "healing from the inside out."  Well she did just that and they had to cancel the surgery and her heart is whole and healthy today! That is the awesome stuff God wants us to receive today!  Stories like this remind me of why I know my little boy is healed from Autism and NOTHING shall by any means harm him. This should just be our nature to accept what Jesus died for...... for you and me! I won't spend my whole life believing for just one thing in my life!  I want to accept his healing and move on and help others!  Calling it finished and received on Lincoln's behalf!

He also spoke of David and when he carried the arc. He referenced us and how sometimes we carry things we weren't meant to carry on our shoulders.  Our hearts are right but our application is wrong! I feel like this has been my story with Autism.  It wasn't something I was ever meant to carry and I have carried it far too long.  My heart was right but the application was wrong.  Goodness...what freedom there is in that!

When I got home last night, I watched something from Sid Roth on a woman who's son has been healed of Autism. It was encouraging none the less.  I love finding other people who have seen God's healing in their own lives.  I feel like we are living this out and all I want to do is share it with everyone, 

Be encouraged no matter what you are going through! God is our healer!

Video of little boy healed of autism

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