Saturday, May 4, 2013

YOU are awesome

Ever fall into the trap of comparing yourself to someone else?

You start to think things like:

  •  Wow, she is prettier than me
  • Her kids are so well behaved
  • How does she have the time to do all she does
  • She is SO patient with her kids

I have thoughts like these often.  Sometimes I cast them out quickly and sometimes I let them get the best of me. It's a bad trap to get yourself into.

In this day and age, social media is huge.  We all post things about ourselves in regards to our strengths, our family, maybe our working out schedule, etc.  We all look so wonderful from the outside, we post the best pictures and the highlights of our lives. We post our "highlight reel".  Don't forget that.  I am not perfect and neither is anyone else.  We all have different struggles and different paths we walk.

So, stop comparing ourselves to each other and look towards Christ! He is the answer to all. If we keep our focus on Him then we keep our focus in the right place. Compare ourselves to CHRIST and then we will find plenty of areas we can improve in.

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