Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Fight of your Life

It's the fight of your life
Every. Single. Day.
You've tasted victory
It tastes so good
Just when you think it's over
It's not
This is the hardest part
Pressure everywhere
You want to turn to where it's easy
To the people that have it easy
Appearances are deceiving
Satan is deceiving
He's sneaky like that
Well laid plans and such
Easy won't get you the victory you want
Keep hanging on
Hope isn't hard until it's hard
It's easier to accept
To embody the movement
To have community
To quit fighting
But then you never really quit fighting
You just start fighting the wrong battle
It's a distraction
It's tempting
You know, well laid plans and such
Keep fighting
Keep focused
Keep your mind clear
Thoughts come in
Telling you nobody understands
Who cares
God gets it
You'll taste the victory
You've got someone counting on you
No, Depending on you
Keep fighting

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