Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dress Up And Pictures

We spent the morning playing dress up. Maddi was in an Easter dress with a matching purse and a lot of pink eye shadow; her request. When Lincoln saw her, he began addressing her as “Princess” or “Princess Maddi.” He was pretty smitten with his sister as she twirled around in her dress. “Oh Princess, you dropped your purse,” he said and would pick it up for her.

Seeing his delight in his sister dressing up, I quickly grabbed a few things for him to put on; a dress shirt and pants, his sister’s Hello Kitty tie and his beloved Fedora hat. Then I asked them to take a picture for me. To my amazement….HE DID! He stood at the door with Maddi doing everything I asked. “Hug Sissy” or “Give Sissy a kiss,” I would say. He would immediately do it and then wait for my next instruction. When finished he would ask to see the photos and he would smile looking at them.

I remember right before he turned 2, we wanted to take a quick family photo while family was all in town. All of the other kids present followed instructions and would smile and say, “Cheese” at the appropriate time. Not Lincoln. He just wanted to play in the rocks counting them. We actually had to move rocks to where he was sitting so he would stay in the picture. That was our “Thinking Differently” at that time. I have a copy of that picture and every time I have looked at it, it makes me sad. He was there but he wasn’t really there. He was more like a prop that had been placed in the photo. He was trapped in his own little rock counting world and that was where he wanted to stay.

So today, I have been elated to see his love for dress up and pictures. I am not holding him down on my lap or trying to distract him with a lollipop or an iPad to get him to pose appropriately in these pictures. I am just taking his lead and loving every minute of it. So thankful for his growth, awareness and interest in being a part of our world.

As if the moment couldn’t have been any better. Lincoln held out his hand and said, “Can I take a picture please?” I told him of course and handed him my phone. He told Maddi, “Hug your Mommy Maddi, say cheese!” We did as he instructed and he smiled as he looked at his photography skills. This will forever be one of my favorite pictures. I am so thankful for the little surprises Lincoln is full of everyday as he blossoms.


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