Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why do I keep talking about healing??

This was something I had posted on my FB page at the beginning of April.

Why do I feel the need to talk about God and healing during Autism Awareness month? I strongly believe too many people accept too many things and don't realize how much power we have in our lives, how much control we can bring to a situation. I use our life to hopefully build confidence in someone else that they can have better than what is currently in front of them! Fa...ith in a God who heals and restores and wants the best for you!

I believe one of the foundations for even being a Christian is knowing that your words have power. In the beginning, God SPOKE everything into existence. When we become saved, we CONFESS He is Lord and believe in our heart and we are saved. This should tell us that our words have power. I am not ruled by my feelings, I get up everyday believing the best and using my words to describe how I want Lincoln's life to be. I have no doubt we will see full manifestation of healing in his body from Autism, because I speak and I believe! Over one year ago, Lincoln was considered non-verbal and hardly spoke except to repeat letter and numbers. He had 0 communication. His receptive communication was scored at less than a 1 month old and he was 2 years and 9 months old. In the last 6 months I have used my words to change his situation. We speak healing over him daily and he listens to scriptures frequently. Guess what! He talks more than he ever has. He can answer quite a bit of questions and he has excelled hugely. The kid is brilliant!

Two years ago, I was pregnant with Maddi. In the beginning my Hcg levels were low, scary low. Then when I had ultrasounds there was nothing on the ultrasounds. There was a sac but no fetal pole inside. Then my Hcg levels started climbing. They were close to 30,000...still no fetal pole and no heartbeat. I was told you should be able to detect a heartbeat when your Hcg levels are 10,000 and mine were 3 times the amount! Was I scared...yes! For a few days I was. But I started remembering all the teaching I had heard about confession and healing. I found scriptures (3 pages worth) and I said them over and over for days, if I had a negative thought creep in, I would quickly start confessing those scriptures. When I went in for another ultrasound..... there was a sac, a fetal pole and a strong heartbeat! Scariest few weeks of my life but also one of the best times because I saw my faith and my words move mountains by speaking God's promises over Sweet Maddi! I refused to accept anything less than God's best. It was not God's will for that baby to die. It never is. People too often think we have no part in this big scheme of life....that we must accept whatever is dealt to us. We have the power to change our circumstances. I fully believe God is still in the Healing business and can and will turn your situation around. I've seen it with my own eyes! I believe Lincoln will lose the Autism Spectrum Diagnosis. I do not believe it is God's best for him to struggle in the way he has!

Have a blessed day!

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