Tuesday, December 24, 2013

C-scissors and Merry Christmas Everyone

As Lincoln stumbled out of the room from sleeping, he looked at the tree and said, I want presents.” I told him No, it wasn’t Christmas yet and he responded with his typical, “Awww!” He takes my hand and leads me to the office and says, “I want C scissors and presents.” I laugh to myelf, wondering why he calls them that. I realize he is asking for the wrapping paper. I get him the wrapping paper and his kid scissors and he begins cutting and putting paper on everything he can find from DVD cases to chairs. He says, “Okay Mom sit.” I sit and he brings me the presents one by one and says, “Merry Christmas!” As I am done with them he takes them and puts them under the tree. I love that he finally understands Christmas more than previous years. I can’t help but get the feeling that he is repeating a scene from one of his cartoon shows. However, I dismiss that noticing the different way he has me do it each time leading me to believe this is genuine and not rehearsed.

This whole scene reminds me of yesterday being at the Doctor with Lucas. Dr. Edgington asked Lucas if his brother Lincoln talks. Lucas responded with, “Yep he talks now.” I smile as he says it.  Then they said, “Can Lincoln tell you what he wants for Christmas?” Lucas said, “No he just says, ‘I Want Merry Christmas’ mimicking Lincoln as he would say it.” As he says this, I ignore that sad feeling that he hasn’t done that.   Even though Lincoln still doesn’t quite understand the question or the logistics of the holiday, it feels good to finally realize that he is excited about Christmas and presents. In previous years, Lincoln didn’t have a clue what Christmas was. We decorated the top of the tree only and even that usually ended up stripped because Lincoln wanted to line up the Christmas balls and presents too. This year brings me new hope for future years as we strip away the old things of the past and focus on the new things to look forward to. I can’t wait to see his little face this year on Christmas morning as he announces, “Merry Christmas everybody.”
***Writing activity from our Autism Writers' Club.

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