Monday, December 30, 2013

Progress Update for Lincoln

Praise God! There is an evaluation system called the ATEC (Click here for previous post on this from May) to gauge how treatments are working and the level of severity of autism your child has. A score over 104 (90th percentile) is considered severely autistic. A score Under 30 is considered to be mild autism and is in the lowest percentile (10th). If their score gets to be under 10, they are usually considered "recovered" and indistinguishable... from their peers. The goal is 0.

I say all that to say......check out Linky's scores!!

APRIL 2012- 82     (80th percentile)
Aug 2012- 61         (50th percentile)
May 2013- 35         (20th percentile)

Today ...Dec 2013- 28 (10th percentile)!!!!!!!

My linky went from severe autism to having mild autism. His original score was 82 and that was after a year of being in an ABA program for 15-17 hours a week. For us, Lincoln got better after being removed.  I believe his score would have been much higher when we first knew he had autism (April 2011) but I didn't know about this tool to gauge that.

The goal is a score of ZERO! God is able. We have been standing believing God's Word that Lincoln is healed. We are watching it come to pass. So very thankful and happy! We still have some things to get worked out and he still has a ways to go. ...but man he's come so far!

#healed #redeemed #setfree #kickinautismbooty

Side note: Daniel and I score him seperately, I scored him at 29 and Daniel scored him at 28. Either way; still in the tenth percentile!

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