Sunday, February 23, 2014

Random Updates

I am GREAT at posting updates of Lincoln's progress on my FB. However, I forget to do it here. So I am simply going to copy some things and post them here. They are just too awesome not to share.

January 21, 2014
Just spent 15 minutes in the bathroom with Lincoln. His request; pottying, fixing hair, meticulously brushing his teeth. My favorite part, when he asked me to hold him up in front of the mirror, he checks his teeth and hair and smiles at himself. So proud of his self-care skills. I remember not too long ago thinking I might need to get him occupational therapy if he didn't progress. He did though, literally out of no where and in abundance. Incredibly thankful on this Journey. More progress to come. Loving this season! #kickinautismbooty
James1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

January 24, 2014
Big deal today for Linky! Did some work for Daniel today in Wellston America and I had Linky and Maddi with me. My phone was dying and I didn't have a charger and Maddi had just fallen asleep. So I spotted a Dollar General store to buy a charger. I had no stroller and there were no carts once I got in there. Lincoln used to run off, not listen and be distracted by odd carts or have been a MUST in the past. So, I just rolled with it, carried Maddi and let Linky walk. He walked all the way through the store with me while I looked and did great even while having to wait in line. He said hello to everyone in the store. He picked out lollipops for Maddi and himself and was so well behaved. Then we walked to the car and he got in his seat on his own! Did I mention that we were in the car for 4+ hours and he had no potty accidents. 5 minutes before we got home, he told me he needed to go. SUPER DAY! He was like a NORMAL little 4 year old and I am so proud of him. He has came so far and is a completely different kid. Thank you Jesus! #kickinautismbooty #healed #hismindisfree
January 16, 2014
Well, we had Lincoln's re - evaluation today. We still have to go back to finish some testing. However, He commented that Lincoln is a "completely different kid" from 2 years ago when he diagnosed him. He indicated three different times that Lincoln was "high - functioning!" High functioning autism is HUGE compared to where we were 2 years ago with Lincoln being severely impacted by autism. This such good news. Things can only go up from here. I am so thankful for the progress Lincoln has made. I still hold on to my faith and believing Linky will lose his diagnosis in the future. For now this is amazing and even with Linky still having some areas needing help, I am even more assured that we are on the right path. Thank you Jesus! Feeling very blessed!
We actually have gotten his results for his evaluation. See Here.
February 20. 2014
Maddi and Linky were asleep in the same bed at opposite ends. I heard talking and laughing and went in there and they were snuggled up next to each other laughing and talking about who knows what. They both said, "Good Morning Mom!" Maddi hugged Linky and told him, "Love you Bu." Then Linky kissed me. LOVE these kiddos. So happy about how well linky is doing. Sweetest way to start out the morning. Now Linky is pulling on my arm saying, "let's go to sleep mom." So lying here as he reads me "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom." #lovethatlittleguy #kickinautismbooty

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