Sunday, February 23, 2014

Update from the Dr. who diagnosed lincoln 2 1/2 years ago.

This is an update I posted on my FB February 4th after we had Lincoln re-evaluated with the NeuroPsychologist that diagnosed him with Classic Autism just 6 days before he turned 2. He is now 4 1/2.
"Want to hear some awesome Lincoln news?? Over the past month we have had Lincoln re-evaluated for his autism diagnosis. I told y'all last time, that his NeuroPsychologist who originally diagnosed him with Classic Autism and considered him to be "severe" in level of functionality, now believes Lincoln has "high functioning autism." Well today, Daniel and I sat down with the Dr. and went over all of... Lincoln's testing and talked about it. The first thing he said was , "Well I know you will be excited to learn of Lincoln's IQ score so let's get straight to that."

To give you a little bit of background in regards to Autism I will quote a source as to not offend with my own words. "About 40 percent who have autism have an intellectual disability (IQ less than 70) By diagnosing standards, a score of less than 70 is equal to a diagnosis of mental retardation." (Now I have never hung my hat on a score and if my child or anyone else's had that score, I still believe in hope. This is simply a story of Lincoln's progress and I mean no offense to anyone dealing with intellectual disabilities.)

However, it has always been in the back of my mind since I learned of the associations of MR and Autism. Frankly, I didn't know he could even perform IQ testing on Lincoln. When he told me he was going to perform IQ testing, I was quite nervous about what he would find.


Our Dr. proudly informed us that Lincoln has an IQ of 99 in (one) of the areas on the IQ test. The others are pretty close to that range also. Scoring guidelines for the Stanford-Binet IQ test state the AVERAGE IQ is 90-110.

Please know this isn't like an internet test that anyone takes, it is administered by a licensed Professional who is familiar with IQ testing and diagnosing standards.

How crazy is that?! My little guy who was on the severe end of the spectrum of autism is now considered to have High Functioning Autism and has an IQ typical with his peers.


On some other tests, he determined that Lincoln's abstract reasoning in dealing with puzzles, patterns, numbers etc...he is in the 96th percentile.

If this sounds like absolutely is. Bragging on Linky and bragging on the awesome healing God we serve! Daniel and I have stood and believed that Lincoln is whole, healed, healthy and normal. He has the mind of Christ and that is something I confess and stand in faith believing for him. In the same way that Jesus died on the cross for our salvation, healing was also covered on the cross.

Side note, Under the new diagnosing standards for autism, Lincoln's official diagnosis is "Autism Spectrum Disorder-MILD."

Still have work to do and more ground to cover, but I am amazed at my little guy's progress. Overjoyed, overwhelmed with happiness and a sincerely grateful heart to God."

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