Monday, September 30, 2013

Fine Line: Passion or Judgement?

"Passion often gets mistaken as criticism of others"
Story. Of. My. Life.
I am quite passionate about certain things. I am quite vocal about certain things.  This is me.  However, when someone else who feels differently hears me say things I am passionate about, then they get offended. I am not saying certain things to offend anyone or criticize them.  It is just that I am super passionate about what I have found out and am excited to share.
What am I talking about?
Specifically, autism. I walk a fine line with autism.  At one time (you can read more in my previous entries) it consumed me. I was engulfed in autism research, therapies, diets...everything I could do in my own ability. I believe there is a fine line between doing what you have to do in your current situation while still believing all of the things the Word of God says about my son in regards to healing.  This is that fine line I work so diligently not to cross. You see, for me, delving into all of the therapies and diets put a belief in myself and my ability and how I could fix this.  I started consuming my mind with that stuff INSTEAD of what the Word of God says.
"You get what you put in." 
"Where the mind goes, the man follows." -Joyce Meyer
I would give my husband  20 minute (at least) dissertation on how gluten effects the body, how this vitamin could help him among the other 12 I had already mentioned and many other topics.  After he listened, he would nod and say, "Okay, how much of this research are you putting in your mind versus the Word of God and what it says about healing."  I would get mad and think he just didn't understand. He let me follow my every whim while I in a sense discovered myself and discovered the infallible Word of God and what it said about my Linky.  One day I started listening to Keith Moore and everything he had to say about Faith and what we confess over ourselves.  He talked of how we confess allergies over ourselves and sickness.  "You shall decree a thing." The light came on and it confirmed everything my husband had been trying to tell me. I had been putting my faith into "research" and natural things.  I asked myself one day;
"If it were just Linky, me and God in the desert with no therapy or anything naturally to 'fix him', did I think God could heal him?"

The answer in short, is, YES! But, at one time it wouldn't have been that. I had to get myself to the place where I emphatically believed no other thing.  Eventually, I pulled Lincoln off of all diets and out of therapies. It wasn't a loud voice out of the sky telling me to do these things and BOOM I did them.  It was more like circumstances that led to that.  God was "pruning" me somewhere during all of that. From Lincoln's age of 21 months until 34 months old, he had around 20 hours of therapy a week. I was consumed.  Did I love all of the therapists that worked with him and believe they played a huge part in our lives? Absolutely! Am I saying therapy is bad and everyone should take my course? No! Be spirit led and make those decisions accordingly.  Am I saying I would never use therapy or diets again. Nope, I just know where the healing comes from.  I believe I had to take Lincoln out of those things because my faith was in those things and not in God.  Guess what? He has made more progress with us "just" speaking the Word over him and believing God's promises for his life than the immense amount of therapy he was in before. I keep my mind stayed on Christ and it has proven itself!
Don't buy into the lies that people tell you that are not scriptural! (I plan on writing all of these out w/ scripture references in another blog).
Such as;
  • This was a part of God's plan for my child
  • God gives special children to special people
  • God doesn't give you more than you can handle.
  • It's all in His timing.
  • He has a plan (hello! How about free will and choosing His promises)
  • We will receive our fullness in heaven, not on earth
  • ALL Wisdom comes from God (seriously? As if people don't twist things up in our human nature.... SMH)
All I will say for now is, show me the scripture references for those. Make sure what you are believing is TRUTH!  Most of these are just things people have twisted to fit our lives.  Why? Because, it hurts less and it's easier to just accept.  It's hard to HOPE everyday even when you aren't seeing results in the natural.  It's easier just to wallow and find support from others in your situation. I speak from a place of my past, I've done it. I don't want what everyone else has, I want what God says is mine! Hence, the title of my Blog; "The Narrow Path." I find myself on a road less often traveled by others. 
 It's hard to everyday, look at you child and say,
"Lincoln, you are alert. You process information quickly.  You eat well.  You sleep well. Your body functions as God designed it.  Your mind is alert.  God sent His Word and healed you, you are free from destruction. (Psalm 107:20).  You are free from any infirmity.  You know the right word to speak at the right time. You are HEALED!"
It's hard, believe me, I know it's hard. It seems silly at first.  But, it's more than just speaking it, I believe it! It's backed up by the Word! I renew my mind daily and it changes me and what I believe my Lincoln.
"Passion often gets mistaken as criticism of others"
This is the part where others view my passion for my own situation as judgment of theirs.  It's not judgment.  I am just screaming from the rooftop because I have watched Lincoln be healed right before my very eyes! Of course, I want to share that with others.  I walk a fine line, I love Linky right where he is at but I don't accept him staying here. I don't accept autism for his outcome!  I expect him to lead a fulfilling life FREE of any barriers of autism.
It's simple, really. Find out what the Word of God says about healing and follow THAT. Don't bog yourself down with statistics and bad thinking.  Expect to see healing and results.  Have faith in a loving God and hold on to His Promises. He is faithful!!
So, please know. I have no judgment of others in their situation. Therapy and diets have their place. Just make sure they don't take the place of God and what He can do in your life. My passion is alive because I know what I have seen with my own eyes.  My 4 year old was diagnosed with autism almost  2 1/2 years ago,  He was severe in his functionality.  He was considered non-verbal. This was all while he was in 20 hours of therapy a week.  Today is a different story. This morning he woke up and yelled "Mommy will you please open the door."  He has told me he wants to go outside.  I have shown him pictures of himself and he says, "it's Linky."  He knows all our names, can pee in the potty and plays like a 4 year old boy.  He loves his brother and sister and has compassion when they are hurt or crying.  He is a hugger, kisser and lover of a little boy.  I shudder to think where he would be had I not held onto God's promises! That is why I share! It's worth it!


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